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Project Adam located at 112 Lanthier Street in Winder, Georgia provides local drug and alcohol treatment programs for those struggling with substance abuse. Project Adam provides help for those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Other addiction treatment options include Counseling that help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to get the effective treatment that they need.

For those that are seeking affordable drug rehab in Winder, Georgia, then entering addiction treatment at Project Adam is the right choice. Project Adam generally accepts struggling addicts of most age groups, i.e. 18+ to enroll in their available addiction rehabilitation programs.

Project Adam also takes commonly accepted insurances, i.e. Most Insurances, and certain types of payment such as: American Express, Cash or self-payment, Check, Mastercard, Visa. Project Adam can be contacted through their website at

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+1(770) 867-8003
112 Lanthier StreetWinderGeorgia  30680

Google Reviews

  5.0   3 years ago

This place was amaizing !!! I literally walked in thinking I was just going for my dui risk reduction class but they literally have everything I needed to get my life back on track. The staff alone are what brought me to them they are kind and ready to work with you. Its definitely a no judgement zone. Thank you Project Adame.

  5.0   4 years ago

A blessing in disguise! They taught me a different way, a better way, to live. After 10 days in jail, and still wearing an eye patch and numerous stitches and staples in my head and face, from fighting with my own brother, I arrived at Project Adam. With a boulder on my shoulder and an even worse attitude. Mad at the world for how it had treated me. They (Gina) recognized this immediately. Little did I know, she saw right through me, and she did the best thing she could have done for me to make me realize the severity of the situation I was in. SHE SENT ME PACKING! I was terrified. I had to go back and tell the Probation Officer I had been told to leave. He gave me 2 choices. Go back the next day and some how plead for them to let me stay, or straight to jail until my case came to court. Which would be the better part of a year. That is the day I swallowed my so called pride and was humbled beyond belief. I had a different outlook on life from that day forward. I wasn't being forced to go to Project Adam. I was one of the lucky ones who was given the opportunity to go. That was over 15 years ago. I actually became a bit of an example of how well their program works. Thank you Project Adam.

  5.0   4 years ago

This place has changed my life

  5.0   4 years ago

Project ADAM is an amazing place and it saves lives if people want to put in the work for their recovery and save their self. It can't be done any other way. The individual has to want to change, we at Project ADAM provide the tools needed to succeed, its up to the individual. I'm disturbed to see the comments from Franklin English, Preston Wilson, Carl Johnson, Eric Andre, Tosha J, RJ Smith, Kyle Duncan, Micheal De Santa, and anybody I left out that had something bad to say about Project ADAM. First off the things you people have said are not true and just because things didn't work for you guys here at Project ADAM doesn't give anybody the right to leave comments that are absurd. This program has obviously worked for people, I'm one of them. Project ADAM has been running for many, many years and its been running for the past 37 years because of the awesome director we have now. People seem to get mad when they get caught being deceitful or dishonest, or not working the program and take offense when they get put in their place. Bashing Project ADAM is a waste of all of your time and the reason is you have me, Mandy Wheeler who will speak daily on how amazing Project ADAM is and what they have done for me. I came to Project ADAM willing to do whatever it takes to change my life and because I done that, look at me now, 3 and a half years clean and sober, working an awesome job, and getting somewhere in life after being a full blown drug addict for 23 years. Just because things didn't go the way any of you wanted it to gives you no reason to come on here and talk about the people who help more people than any of you can imagine. Each and every one of you had to come to this facility for some reason whether it was for drug screens, DUI school, out patient treatment, drug court, or residential treatment, so truly that proves everything we, the world needs to know about each of you individuals. I've been around Mike McDonald for almost 4 years and NOT one time have I ever witnessed that man be perverted or out of line with anybody. I've also been around Gina McDonald for almost 4 years and I've never witnessed her do any name calling or talking down to people, she's not going to allow people to lie and play around, but her being rude and unprofessional is not what she is about. Good try folks, better luck next time. Project ADAM saves lives if the individual coming here wants to work a program and save their self. It can't be done any other way. We teach the tools and if the individual doesn't use them, then that's on them, not Project ADAM. Keep the bad negative comments coming because Project ADAM has me who will speak on our behalf for the rest of my life. Good luck in life to each of you that I mentioned. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

  5.0   4 years ago

Wonderful Place. Project ADAM helped me get on track, even more they helped my Family understand by educating my family on Addiction. Recommend this place to everyone who needs help

  5.0   4 years ago

Project Adam is a wonderful place. I have been given the tools to help with my addiction and I have learned so much in every class I have taken and take. I have learned skills on how to go through everyday life with the tools they have provided. Gina is a wonderful role model and gives good advice to everyone I have seen her come in contact with. Project Adam has helped save my life and regain my family.

  5.0   4 years ago

Project ADAM is the greatest and to see people on here posting negative stuff and talking about people offends me. It's funny to me that people want to get on here the day before they graduate Drug Court which wouldn't run without Project ADAM and bash the people that have helped them make it to graduation. The problem most clients have is they come thru these programs thinking they can still get over, thinking their smarter than the people running the program and it catches up with them every time. What happens generally when a person is in the wrong? They get called out on it and most human beings don't like that. They take offense to it and the only way to make their self feel better about their wrong doing is to blame someone else. Project ADAM is always taking heat for the actions of people that live in denial. They wear a mask but the mask only covers up things for so long and then the true identity finally shows thru on a person and the game they play is over and they no longer can fool people with their actions. Project ADAM helped me save my life 3 and a half years ago, I'm still clean and sober today because I continuously work my recovery. People in recovery for the moment to skip out on a prison sentence will always go back. It never fails. I'm the only one out of everybody I was in Drug Court with who has truly remained clean and sober, I came here on a mission and I was serious about my recovery, that's why I live a clean and sober life today. I didn't come thru Drug Court trying to play a game, I didn't forge names to an AA sheet claiming that I attended a meeting when I didn't, I didn't complain about being in groups and this being a waste of my time, that is some of the few reasons I'm a success story today. If you think your post is going to do any damage to Project ADAM you have lost your mind and you know why? You have people like me who fight 24/7 for Project ADAM, I'm the real deal, the true definition of a recovering addict and you are someone who will need help again, I see it everyday. Your ungratefulness, your comments that are not true, the negative attitude, the I can't wait for graduation to be over so I can go do what I want to is why you will need help again, but always remember the things you have said about the place that helped you when no one else wanted too. Reading these comments about Mr. Mike and Mrs. Gina flat out disgust me. You should be ashamed of yourself for your actions. I have one question, why couldn't you come up to Project ADAM and say these things to the faces of the people you are putting down? I work here with these people that you are talking down on and more than that, they dedicate their life to this place. ANYTIME I need help, support, guidance, they still to this day give it to me. Project ADAM has been running for 37 years because of Gina McDonald and it will continue running because of her. The treatment people receive here depends on what the individual puts into their recovery. The comments you have made on this review are wrong, especially when I have witnessed you being disrespectful to Mrs. Gina over you not doing your community service the way you needed to be doing it, so if you're going to talk about us then at least be honest. Good luck with your graduation and good luck with your sobriety, you're definitely going to need it. I'm sorry if my comment offends anybody, at this point it can't be any worse than this other guy. I live and fight for my recovery and I live and fight for Project ADAM. Team Project ADAM until I die.

  3.0   4 years ago

  5.0   4 years ago

Saved my life. I was an addict for 23 years. I am now 3 years clean and sober. I work for Project ADAM and it is by far the greatest recovery center in North Georgia. If you want to live your life outside of alcoholism and drug addiction, it can be done but you have to be ready plus have all of the help of Project ADAM. Relapse isn't a part of recovery, its a lack of recovery. People kill me with their negative comments. Do these people leaving comments like this have a clue whats really going on??? Probably not. Did any of you contact the drug dealers or the liquor stores and complain to them about how much money they charge to supply the addict or alcholic that is probably stealing from you to support their habit? Probably not. Its always the people and places that try to help the folks get better that catch the blame. Project ADAM is a life saver if the addict or alcoholic wants to be saved. Its their choice. Yes, we charge for their stay there, do any of you live for free? The lights, water, food, treatment, medical, transportation, etc has to be paid, are we suppose to give it to them for free? No. Did the drug dealers or liquor stores give them their drugs and alcohol for free? No. Its a structured program to teach them what they're lacking, to teach them what to change, to teach them how to work and handle their responsibilities. They taught me things at 30 years old that I should have learned as a child. I get very offended reading comments by people who have no clue about what happens at Project ADAM. Do some research and check into things yourself before you bash Project ADAM and for the record, don't believe rumors that you hear, especially if the person telling the rumors was once a client at Project ADAM and didn't succeed. Team Project ADAM until the end. Take your negativity elsewhere.

  4.0   6 years ago

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